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Willow Software came to life in 2012

I took a year out of the 9 to 5 to stay at home and look after my baby daughter.  I had the time to think about what I wanted out of life, so tried my luck at becoming an IT consultant, running under my own steam and at my own pace. I setup a website, put an advert in the local paper and decided to call my company "Willow Software" (named after a lovely tree that resides in my parents garden)

As another baby came along in 2014/2015, I had to go back to a salaried job for a year or so, to make sure we had the pennies to make ends meet. Now I'm back, tucked into Willow Software via my home office; and its business as usual!

Whats fresh about me is, I'm a friendly chap; and as it's just me doing everything related to Willow Software, I take uber care in what I do for you; and take pride with the final result.

Your not sold an all bells and whistles product by a sales person, then end up with a poor result. 

Instead, you get me as your contact sales person and experienced techie in one package, and more than likely cheaper, too. That can only be a win win.

Personal Life

I'm happily married, with two spritely young children. I've lived in Jersey all my life and I've even got the accent.
My dad is a retired Electrican, my granddad was a farmer, my great granddad was a debt collector.
My wife is French, although I've never got around to learning to speak French fluently, I love France by default (especially the food!)
We live by the sea on the west coast, no pets (yet -  as the children are too young) but if we did, we would have a cat or two and maybe some pet rabbits

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My Mission Statement

• My goal is to create and maintain visually impressive, functional and optimised websites and bespoke web/office applications.

• To always exceed client expectations.

• To be committed to the success of every website or app that I build, as if each one was my own.

• To never baffle my clients with technical jargon, but to offer clear easy to understand information.

• To develop long-term relationships with all of my clients, even if the work is short term.

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My Work Experience

Banking & Finance

I started my career at Barclays Bank after leaving secondary school, spending over six years from cashier, phone support, Personal banker, then managed to move to IT as I liked helping the IT team out and they could see I was more useful working with them.

UBS AG, the Swiss private bank, I spent another 5+ years there, I did an awful lot of day to day IT stuff and was on call to fix any issues that came up over night. Used and learnt about OpenVMS servers and scripted in DCL (Digital command Language) Also dabbled in a bit of COBOL.

Pure Software Development

A cool startup called Coconut Software took me on as a trainee Java developer, my first taste of OOP programming. I also learnt "more than the basics" of PHP, Perl, Javascript and mySQL databases.

I spent my time there developing JSP (Java server pages) based commerical client sites, converting Perl scripts to PHP scripts and setting up and configuring Red Hat Linux servers.

Internet & Network Security

I like the security side of IT, so took a gamble and moved to Evolution. Pretty much had a ball learning about the security side of IT (pretty important these days!) I was involved in client PCI compliance, developed an app in PHP/Ajax/mysql to control Nessus scans and write reports. Plenty of Pen testing, Symantec reporting and maintained the in-house secure email hosting cluster. 

When there, I temporarily moved to an associated company called Fortress Managed Services and was involved in developing a pretty cutting edge global portal. 


I spent a few years (on and off) working for feelunique.com, maintaining their custom built system, which included warehouse apps, stock, reporting, analytics, product feeds as well as the actual website viewable to the public. Go check them out if you want to buy cosmetics, They have great brands and great prices!

I do not offer E-Commerce services through Willow Software, but I can help update or fix existing E-Commerce web sites, just ask me, I may be able to help you.

While doing projects for clients through Willow Software, I have just added to my overall experience. I've also been involved in Agile project management, team based KANBAN and SCRUM

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If I may be able to help you, just contact me.

How?  Just send me an E-Mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), call me +44 (0) 7797751150 or fill out the site's Contact Form