I don't really do social networking much

That's not that unusual for someone my age (40+)

Roughly 9% of all Facebook users fall into my age group.

"The best moments of my life don't make it to Social Media" - Myself

My privacy concerns

Putting your personal information in the care of others, increases your risk of that information getting into the hands of third parties.

Each of us should ask how much of ourselves we want to give to people we don't even know. Once gone, that privacy in our lives cannot be retrieved.

It's unclear about ownership

Who actually owns and who controls "your" posts and social media photos. If you don't control it, do you really own it? It isn't clear who legally owns your content.

It's far too impersonal

Social networking offers an easy way to meet people. Social networking services can be a great way to keep people at a distance: Interact only when and where you want with whom you want. That may be great for some people. I prefer more meaningful ways to interact, like face-to-face and over the phone. Social interaction is only as rewarding as you are willing to make it, be it in person, or online.

Keeping your online faux pas to a minimum

There is that dodgy joke you shared while at Uni, or those embarrassing statements you made about a former employer that can be found with a simple search online. If you must post, practice safe posting.

It's more work

If your work is anything like my experience with home life and running my own business, you already spend enough time typing when you answer emails and write lots of code. It's just no fun having to make sure you catch up with your Social media accounts every evening incase you might miss something.

The Conclusion

Some of us prefer to keep ourselves to our self. Personal social interaction could become a lost art and it would be a shame for humanity to become so impersonal.

  • Twitter makes you think your wise.
  • Instagram makes you think your a photographer.
  • Facebook makes you think you have friends.

The wake up will be tough!