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Salix Web Security SuiteThe Internet is becoming more and more of a dangerous place to do business.

With this in mind, I have sat down and have put a lot of effort into creating a security suite to combat it. Some modules and components are either still on my project to-do list or are only in a developmental state, but the core web site protection modules, PHP source hardening and network penetration services are available. 

Salix Monitor 360°

An in-house developed, multi platform web based workstation/server/firewall/appliance monitoring application, with reporting, alerting via SMS/Email/Messenger and server information harvesting.


Website Protection

When the dark side of the Internet comes and knocks at your web site's front door, you don't have to open it for them. My collection of custom built PHP based scripts come as a modulated package and self sufficient (the ones that are needed are enabled) which sit on your server and can stop SQL injections, file injections, bots and other attempts to take over your website. Virtually no performance issues are noticeable and it just works in the background and logs details of any dubious site visits.  For any applications or websites that use PHP that are Internet facing.

Network Penetration

Anything connected to the Internet is in some kind of danger, the best way for a business to stay safe is to ensure computers and peripherals in their network are as un-penetrable as possible. I can carry out white/grey/black hat penetration attacks on your network (safely) and report on any weaknesses and suggest fixes. This can either involve an in-site test or a simulated attack from a hacker across the Internet.

PHP Source Hardening

If you use open source PHP applications on your web server, theres a big chance they have not been coded with security in mind. If you want to be extra sure, I can review the source code line by line and apply the correct code changes to block security holes.

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Web Site Protection / Network Penetration / PHP Source hardening - Hourly rates apply, no recurring charges.

Salix Monitor 360° - Pricing structure is still to be implemented, multi user + multi level device management per client account.

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